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Fond, fun memories

Entered on 2012-02-25 by Josh
Luigi, Was our recent re-union wonderful or what? Frankie is still the same, drops in for about 2 hours of a 4 day gathering, then off on another adventure. Our lives have all changed, we have "survived", The Duke is looking over all of us, most likely making "a deal" w/ St. Peter to smuggle some creature of comfort into Heaven. I am still overseeing my Montana Militia & have even inserted a very special operative into the Alberta Oilfields. We still may be able to change that 49th degree BS in order to access the oil which the U S sure does need. Until we meet again (real soon), I assure you and all of our special Dubai pals that we lived the very best of times, met the best friends we ever could & can live forever on the memories. For those of the readers who did not live the time in Dubai, it is fictional but there are lots of strange mentions that come very close to strange memories.

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Coughed up a lung

Entered on 2013-03-31 by CapnMike Preason
I just about coughed up a lung when I saw Billy's picture with Sheikh Rashid and realized who Josh Sampson was... This book was a fun romp down memory lane for one of the other kids that grew up under the watchful eye of Luigi Falconi and the other teachers at JAS. Too many stories to tell from the adolescent expat point of view in the 70's and 80's! Josh, it was great seeing you last summer with my dad - let me know if you decide your militia needs an Air Force to further your Canadian ambitions! I've got access to an amphib floatplane and I'll fly for you any time! (There's great skiing in Revelstoke and the Selkirks, as well as some awesome hunting and fishing - that should be the first part to be annexed!)

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